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my new journal   
08:42pm 29/06/2002
mood: thirsty
i have a new secret journal. If you can find it, you can be on my friends list again. good luck!
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11:41am 29/06/2002
  i'm not going to delete this journal. but i'm no-longer using it. I do have a new journal. but i'm not telling. perhaps we shall meet again.  
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10:47am 29/06/2002
mood: sick
i am going to delete this journal. i may make a new one...i may not. i am gonna delete my other one too. i'm sick of it. i'm sick of myself.
oh no!   
09:02pm 28/06/2002
mood: sad
i forgot to mention two of my fav peoples in my last post!!!

angelabsinthe and punkrckgirl69

angel's association pic:

dawn's association pic:

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02:36pm 28/06/2002
mood: amused
i had an idea! i am going to post pics of things that remind me of my friends...lj friends too! Look...you might just be in there!

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01:04pm 28/06/2002
mood: uncomfortable
i still can't use my phone. my mother is being crazy. she thinks i am doing something "bad". Like having an affair, dealing drugs, or planning to kill someone. Ok, i'm 18 (19 in 4 months), i have a child, and i'm married. If i talk on the phone, she freaks out. I pay my own damn phone bill! so, i stay online all day. this she does not mind unless i don't do her a favor when she asks.

this makes no sense.

i am so sorry kristy, i know you are trying to call and i'm not ignoring you!!! I can't even talk to ryan at work!!!! :-(

i need to move out of here damnit but i can't!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

i miss dan alot now...i was pissed but i'm sorry i sad all those mean things to him. i did love him.....

ryan is getting weird. i think he wants to hurt me when we have sex. it's weird. i feel...weird. a very icky feeling like he is gonna maliciously rape me and kill me or something....
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02:35pm 27/06/2002
  go look at my website! go go go!!! woop! i am making a link page, so if you want me to advertise your site, send me a link to the site and the graphic(if you have one). yay!  
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google search name thing....   
09:40am 27/06/2002
mood: hyper

--Dress Jessica. Jessica is going camping with her parents. ... Help Jessica pick
out the clothes that will protect her from tick-borne diseases. ... (hahahahahaha)

-Jessica is worth the frustration. Jessica is a tremendous catalyst

-Interview with Jessica on MTV's TRL

-Big thanks to Snaif of Jessica (what the fuck is snaif???)

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09:21am 27/06/2002
mood: ecstatic
6dark6lotus6 has helped me out so much with my website!!! thank you ray!!!

it's not completely done yet, but here is my site
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08:38pm 26/06/2002
mood: dorky
smoking like crazy tonight. ahhhhhh.

ryan is watching heavy left handed and candid again. "the blair twit project". lol.
dani is such a crazy midget.
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picters of may rooomie   
05:04pm 26/06/2002
mood: accomplished
what happens when i get bored...i re-decorate!

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02:54pm 26/06/2002
mood: moody
sorry ray! my power went out earlier and i had to restart my computer 5 times...then aim wouldn't let me log on!

so, i completely re-did my curtains in the bedroom and i cleaned off my dresser and made it all pretty. it looks alot better. i'll take pics and put them on here later.

gotta download winzip so i can unzip the damn microsoft front page thing i downloaded for 3 hours today. fuck fuck fuck. yes, i'm stressed. My parents decided to go to busch gardens for the day, and my grandma stopped by to announce she was going to stay here with me and my daughter until 5pm because she's bored and lonely. great.

so i am smoking like a fiend, and cleaning with loud music so drown out her nagging.
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09:36am 26/06/2002
mood: sad
if maynard james keenan really died, i'm going to be very upset.
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09:12am 26/06/2002
mood: awake
i made some little banner thingys for my up and coming website. hehe.

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tool singer dead?   
08:40am 26/06/2002
mood: surprised
is it true, is one of the greatest musical geniuses dead? supposedly maynard of tool and a perfect circle died yesterday.... look for yourself here:


let me know if you see it anywhere else
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09:04pm 25/06/2002
mood: thirsty
if you think you know me or if you are bored, take this test please! i am so curious to see what you people know! don't be shy....
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06:54pm 25/06/2002
mood: amused
like my new user picture?
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01:20pm 25/06/2002
  a complete fucking mess. that's what i'm in. fuck. i need drugs or something fast.  
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12:22pm 25/06/2002
mood: moody
kazaa sucks. out of a hundred songs, i only downloaded about 7 today. damn stingy people won't let me download there music. blah.

my heart is beating rapidly in weird patterns. it's freaking me out. I'm also bloated today. i feel fucking sick. It's probably my nerves and too much smoking. yesterday just fucking threw me into another dimension. i wasn't ready to sign up....i still don't think i am ready to go. Today at 3pm, i have to go take some more placement tests with some guy who is supposed to help me with math. Grrrrrr...i hate shit like that. i can't wait for this to be over.

i dug my book bag out of my closet. It's all dusty and full of old highschool junk. hehe. I never thought i'd need that thing again.

my pink dickies bookbag. so many memories...so little jail time. hehe.

i must find some buttons and patches to cover it with. i'll go buy some mushycat.com buttons (probably jack off jill and rasputina) and then go on a desperate internet search for a cradle of filth patch. yes, my life will not be complete until i have every piece of cof merchandise out there. Can we say, pathetic?
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downloading songs   
09:19am 25/06/2002
mood: mellow
please suggest songs for me to download....it's a long way to college now.

here is what i am downloading:::
-foetus: i'll meet you in poland baby
-project pitchfork: requiem
-type o negative: summer breeze
-katatonia;; for my demons
-switchblade symphony::: witches
-the haunted::: hollow ground
-and hopefully i can find some mortiis and hardcore superstars

please suggest bands and songs!!!
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